Cope with a major loss, life change or set-back

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Major life changes can include the death or separation from a loved one, the end of a career, relocation, or a loss of identity resulting from circumstances beyond our control.  At these times, we may experience profound grief, loneliness, sadness, fear, anger and helplessness.  We may feel ourselves too suddenly torn from our loved ones, distanced from those who would be close, and even cut off from our normal sense of who we are.  We may wonder how we will cope, how we will go on.  At these times, talking to a counsellor may provide the consolation of being close to another person who will take the time to listen, support, and simply be with us as we make the transition to life in perhaps a new form.

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If you would like to talk about how I might be able to help you, please phone 0409 650 364, email me at, or use the button to request a call back.  All contact is confidential.

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Use this button to find a suitable appointment time and to book a counselling session in person, by Zoom video or by telephone. It can also be used to book a free enquiry appointment via Zoom or telephone. Payment is arranged at the end of each session. A number of payment options are available.

Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss home visits or other modes of counselling such as email or instant messaging (internet relay chat).

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