I provide counselling to individuals, couples and families at my consulting room in Hornsby, by visiting clients in their homes or other preferred locations such as residential care facilities or workplaces within a 30-minute driving radius of Hornsby, and online.

Face-to-face counselling services are suspended until COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are lifted. I continue to provide counselling by telephone, online (video conference and instant messaging) and email. (See Modes of Counselling for more information about these remote ways of counselling).

How counselling can help
People often find that talking to a counsellor helps them to —

  • Deal with a difficulties in a relationship (more …)
  • Respond to domestic and family violence (more …)
  • Clarify and make sense of something that has happened (more …)
  • Solve a problem, devise a plan or make a decision (more …)
  • Change a way of thinking or behaving which is causing problems (more …)
  • Manage difficult feelings and emotions (more …)
  • Cope with a major loss, life change or set-back. (more …)
  • Find, analyse and act on information (more …)
  • Enhance self-care (more …)

My approach
You are the expert on your life.  With your experience, knowledge, skills and personal strengths, it is natural that you will have your own preferred ways of dealing with what concerns you.  By talking together, we will carefully build a shared understanding of what you want from counselling, and decide how we can best work together to help you get what you want.  I will always offer alternative ways of working for you to choose from, and I will keep checking with you to ensure our work is progressing as you would wish.

Can I help?
If you would like to talk about how I might be able to help you, please phone 0409 650 364 or email me at peter.foster@concordance.com.au.   All contact is confidential.

This button can be used to find a suitable appointment time and to book a counselling session or free enquiry via telephone, video or chat. Sessions are $90/hour. Payment is arranged at the end of each session. A number of payment options are available. Counselling by email is also available. For more information about the different ways counselling can be conducted by distance, see Modes of Counselling.

Face-to-face services will resume when COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.