Deal with a difficult or painful relationship

Our relationships become strained when we contribute to each other’s suffering and create distance between us.  In the midst of upset, it can be hard to work out how our relationships have become troubled or what we can do about it.

Relationship counselling can help partners assess their situation and decide whether their future lies in repair and enrichment or, alternatively, an orderly separation.  Individuals who come alone to counselling can also be helped to find ways in which they can influence change in their relationships.

Repair, recovery and enrichment

Relationship counselling can help the members of a couple or a family develop a shared awareness of their interactions, understand each other’s needs and concerns, and find new ways of being within the relationship.  Recovery after relationship trauma (such as an affair) can be assisted by facilitating the tasks which have been shown to support the needs of both partners before a sound rebuilding of the relationship can be undertaken.

When partners don’t know whether to stay or leave

Discernment counselling is for couples who are on the brink of ending their relationship, and where at least one of the partners does not feel that couples therapy will help. Both partners are helped to gain a deeper understanding of what has happened to their relationship and how each partner has contributed to the problem. The process aims to help each partner reach a clear decision as to whether they wish to stay in the relationship as it is, to move toward separation/divorce, or to commit to couples counselling to see if the relationship can be repaired and improved. Discernment counselling can take between one and five sessions.


Where separation is the chosen path, relationship counselling can help one or both partners come to terms with the end of the original relationship and, in some cases, to provide support as the couple prepares to continue to share common responsibilities, such as co-parenting.  This may include advice on how the partners will continue to support their children, and referral to other services which can help them best navigate the legal and financial ground they will need to cover.

Domestic and Family Violence 

The presence of abuse of any kind within a relationship requires particular responses before relationship counselling can be considered. (More …)

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